Cahokia Residents Trapped In Homes From Flooding

CAHOKIA, IL. (KPLR) –Homeowners who live on Lauralee near Camp Jackson Road in St. Clair County where residents were virtually stuck in their homes due to flooding. Neighbors tell FOX2 they have been dealing with the same type of flooding for years and have tried to get the county to make changes and add storm drains.  Owner Annie Glenn says, she has lived on this Lauralee for more than 25 years, she says the water does more than just flood it creates a health hazard.

“If its not the water it’s the odor that gets you…..the sewer gets backed up…..I can’t get out we have to deal with it because we can’t push the water out the officials have to do something.” said Glenn.

There was only one water rescue call in the area Thursday when an elderly woman got her car stuck in the water. Homeowners are hoping that St. Clair County officials see their water problems and work to improve their drainage system.

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