Security Stepped Up In St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The terror attack in Boston is having an impact on security here in St. Louis.  Some of the precautions being taken are more visible than others. Extra security will be highly visible Tuesday night when the St. Louis Blues take the ice.

The team would not comment on any added security, but police chief Sam Dotson confirmed the Scottrade Center would be one of a number of locations getting extra attention.

“We do have extra precautions here today at the inauguration for Mayor Slay.  We do have extra precautions at some of the sporting venues coming up.  But again, no credible threats in the city of St. Louis,” Dotson said.

Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson, who was involved in counter terrorism work at the Democratic Convention in Boston several years ago, says the marching orders for his people are simple.

“It ‘s just one of those things, guys keep your eyes open,” he said.

Asked if there were any major changes in how firefighters are going about their business Tuesday, he was thoughtful in his answer.

“Little bit more thought process of what goes on.  Looking.  Preparing the people on the fire department.  Little bit more vigilant in what we look at and how we see it now. That’s what’s changed.”

Mass transit is also stepping up awareness, but they aren’t really saying how.

“We’ve taken some steps but if I discuss the steps on camera I think it might defeat the purpose of taking the steps,” Metro security chief Richard Zott said.

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