O’Fallon, Missouri Use Internet To Get Tough On Shoplifters

O’FALLON, MO. (KPLR) - Get caught shoplifting in O'Fallon, Missouri and your mug shot could show up on the internet.  That is the heart of the new program at the O'Fallon Police Department.

The booking photos of all shoplifting suspects who are arrested, charged and issued a summons will appear on the O'Fallon Police Department website.

Along with their pictures will be the suspect`s name and when they were arrested.  Police say the impact of shoplifting is often underestimated but the cost to businesses and consumers is significant.

Officer Diana Damke said, "We`re hoping that individuals will realize that you know their picture is going to be placed on the website and hopefully that is going to be maybe a deterrent and make them think twice and not make a bad decision."

Summonses are generally issued for shoplifting suspects who are accused of stealing less than 500 dollars. However, Officer Damke says felony shoplifting suspects can also appear on the site.

We have a link for you to see the photos of shoplifting suspects on our website KPLR11.com.

O’Fallon Police Shoplifting Suspects

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