St. Louis Lands On Forbes “Most Miserable Cities” List


(KTVI) – St. Louis has landed on a list of some of the most miserable cities in the country.  Forbes Magazine ranked 20 cities.  St. Louis came in at number 12.

Detroit, Chicago and New York City were in the top 10. Each city was ranked based on nine factors including unemployment rate, commute times and violent crimes per capita from an FBI crime report.

Detroit took the top spot.  Here’s the full list:

1. Detriot, MI
2. Flint, MI
3. Rockford, IL
4. Chicago, IL
5. Modesto, CA
6. Vallejo, CA
7. Warren, MI
8. Stockton, CA
9. Lake County, IL
10. New York, NY
11. Toledo, OH
12. St. Louis, MO
13. Camden, NJ
14. Milwaukee, WI
15. Atlantic City, NJ
16. Atlanta, GA
17. Cleveland, OH
18. Poughkeepsie, NY
19. Gary, IN
20. Youngstown, OH


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