Woman Claims She Was Fired For Voting For Obama

Obama on Fiscal Cliff

DAYTON, OH – Patricia Kunkle is suing her former employer for a threat the president of the company made last year.  According to the Dayton Daily News the president of defense contractor Q-Mark, Roberta Gentile, said that Obama supporters would the first to be let go if the president were re-elected.

Kunkle says that her voting preferences came up in conversation the day after the election.  She was fired on November 9th.  The lawsuit claims that Roberta Gentile said the termination was in the, “best interest of the company.”

Kunkle has filed a lawsuit for $25,000 against the company.  Q-Mark Inc. denies that Kunkle was terminated for voting for Barack Obama.

More:  DaytonDailyNews.com

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