Film Depicting Mayor Francis Slay As Slave Master Sells Out

UNIVERSITY CITY, MO. (KPLR) - The controversial documentary "Bootlicker," that depicts St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay as a slave master, was released Wednesday.

It was playing at the Tivoli Theater and it sold out of tickets.

More than 142 people filed the theater to watch the documentary.

The man behind Bottlicker said it focuses criticizes Mayor Slay and blacks who support him.

"We commonly refer to those blacks as bootlickers," Terry Artis said.
"They make their living on their knees."

Artis released the film less than two weeks before St. Louisans cast their ballots for mayor.

Mayor Slay is seeking to become the city's first four term mayor.

"The timing has nothing to do with the election, but I hope his reign over St. Louis ends," Artis said. "He runs it like a plantation."

Mayor Slay's campaign responded by calling Artis' statements and the documentary "appalling."

Slay's campaign manager, Richard Callow, also released the following statement about "Bootlicker" being released:

"I am certain that there is a fairly limited audience in St. Louis for a mix of conspiracy, shaky video and hate screened with a pirated title song the night before an ice storm. I plan to watch it on Netflix."

Artis responded to the Slay campaign's statement after the film by saying that "Bootlicker is a sell out! No pun intended."

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