Tips To Invest In Affordable Home Security

(KPLR) - Taylor Rich from Home Depot shares some tips on how to invest in some affordable things that could end up paying off big time by protecting you and your property.

Top Five Tips for Effective Home Security Systems:

  1. Invest in interior light timers. Timers will help make your residence look occupied at night while you are away.Consider using energy efficient light bulbs to help keep energy costs down.
  2. Set up a motion-sensing outdoor floodlight. These motion sensor lights will allow your neighbors to see a potential threat or suspicious person lurking while you are away.
  3. Protect windows and doors with wireless alarms. These affordable alarms are triggered by vibrations and will alert any break-ins.
  4. Keep an eye out with video surveillance. With video surveillance options to fit a variety of budgets, families can easily monitor unwanted activity around the home.
  5. Maintain ‘safe keeping’ in your home. Digital combination programming and reprogramming capabilities make home safes even easier to use than before and will help protect your valuables in case of a break-in

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