Arizona Boyfriend Killing: Arias Says She Discovered Cheating Before Vacation

(CNN) – Jodi Arias returned to the stand today to defend herself against murder charges. The Arizona woman is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. She claims it was self-defense.

On the stand today, the 32-year-old Arias testified she discovered Alexander was cheating on her before they went on a vacation.  Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi cross examined her on the stand on Monday.  Arias faces the death penalty if convicted.

From the trial:

  • Nurmi: This trip and we see this photograph you talk about acting as a couple, but you’re miserable.”
  • Arias: I found out by that point that he was cheating on me. And I didn’t want to bring all the drama because our tickets were brought and paid for, I couldn’t refund them, I couldn’t change his name on them. I didn’t want him to be totally miserable even though I was miserable.
  • Nurmi: On these travels did you share the same hotel room?
  • Arias: Yes.
  • Nurmi: Same bed?
  • Arias: Yes.
  • Nurmi: Were you in love with Travis in this photograph?
  • Arias: Yes.
  • Nurmi: You’re still engaging in sexual activity with him while you’re waiting for this right moment, right?
  • Arias: Yes, on occasion.
  • Nurmi: Why was that okay with you?
  • Arias: Well sometimes when we did those things it made me feel loved, depending on how he acted during the incident.

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