Validation Now Required For All Metrolink Tickets

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - There is a change  in ticketing for Metrolink passengers.  If you've ever ridden Metrolink you know one of the more confusing parts can be the ticketing, particularly the whole question of whether your ticket requires validation.

Starting Monday, there should be no more confusion because every ticket will need to be validated.  It used to be that the ticket vending machines would print and expiration time on the tickets or passes.

Now, every ticket or pass must be validated at one of those red validation machines. So be warned, a ticket that has not been validated is considered a fare violation and you could be fined as much at $95 in some cases.

Metro volunteer ambassadors will be at several Metrolink stations Monday morning and afternoon to help those who need it.

The idea behind the change is to allow passengers to buy tickets far in advance of their trip and validating just before they need it.