Jacology: Proposed Missouri Legislation

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(KPLR) – In Friday's Jacology, News Eleven's Charles Jaco shakes his head at some new legislation being proposed by Missouri lawmakers.

I've said it before, I’ll say it again, stupidity and racism are not political philosophies. They're mental conditions. But too much of what passes as politics these days, is made up of both. And that, in turn, is driven by fear.

Some examples; take Missouri State Representative Lyle Rowland, a republican from someplace called Cedar Creek, Mo. That's a town southeast of Branson. But it may not be on this planet, since representative Rowland has introduced a screamingly delusional and racist piece of legislation requiring any candidate for president to prove they were born in the United States before they can appear on Missouri’s ballot. Apparently these birther lunatics, who think the president was born in Africa, are still at it.

Another one, from a couple of other Missouri state reps, Chuck Gatchenberger of Lake St. Louis and Wayne Wallingford of Cape Guirardeau; their bill would allow more so-called pregnancy resource centers to be set up around the state. This, despite the fact that millions in state tax dollars have gone to these resource centers, which are often nothing more than fronts for anti-abortion groups that pass out inaccurate information designed to scare women out of having abortions.

Then there's state rep. Casey Gurnsey from northwest Missouri. He has a bill to protect personal freedom by forbidding surveillance by unmanned drone aircraft. Which makes you wonder how many drones from the United Nations and Tri-Lateral Commission have been flying over the survivalist bunkers in western Missouri.

These bills would be laughable except that they're wasting our time and tax dollars on them. This stuff is raving paranoia. And we elected the guys who are introducing it. So what's that say about us?

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.