Zoo Keeper Fired After FOX 2 Report

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - A St. Louis Zoo supervisor, who told FOX 2 he was poisoned, was fired by the zoo after our report last week.

Former grounds manager, John Huffstutler confirmed he was one of three employees who believed someone poisoned their drinks.  The zoo said tests on his coffee cup showed 'a minute amount of motor oil.'  Huffstutler said his bosses didn't like seeing him on the news and fired him because of it.  But he's not mad at Fox 2 because he said he told the truth. 

Now he's given investigator Chris Hayes audio recordings of what he says are zoo supervisors pushing a cover up.  Meanwhile Huffstutler adds that current zoo employees have approached him saying they didn't know about reported poisonings until our news report.  Huffstutler said those employees told him they may have information... "that concerns the soda can tampering.  That they said they would have released at the time had they known it even happened.  I feel what they`ve told me is very important information but they absolutely refuse to discuss it with HR because they`ve seen what has happened to Regina Haywood and they`ve seen what has happened to me."

You can watch our original report on www.fox2now.com in the Fox Files section.

Tuesday night at nine in the Fox Files, you'll hear the audio recordings that may explain the reported fear of zoo employees.  Huffstutler said he started making secret recordings after getting pressure to keep quiet.  Listen to them yourself Tuesday night.

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