Bernthal The Way It Oughta Be: Getting Fit

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - Tis the season to get in shape.  Here's JB with The Way It Oughta Be.

I brought my chair to the exercise path because I really need to start working out.

It's a bad time of year for folks like me who love food.

I've already been hitting the beef stews and chilies and I'll have two Thanksgivings in the coming weeks.

A new study found some of us in the overweight crowd don't like working out next to those of you who are in better shape.

That's why I'm glad the weather is warming up this weekend.

I'm a little more comfortable in the outdoors but I need to overcome my fear of being around the fit.

In fact I should look at it like I'm doing them a favor.  They should feel pretty good about working out next to someone as out of shape as me.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.

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