McCaskill Akin Race Heats Up With New Ads

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – The U.S. Senate race in Missouri intensified this week with each camp launching new television ads.

Senator Claire McCaskill`s camp released a series of ads featuring rape victims.  The victims state they won`t be voting for Congressman Todd Akin because he does not support emergency contraception.

Akin has touted his pro-life positions which include opposition to what`s known as the morning after pill.

The Akin camp calls the ad a distraction from an Associated Press report showing millions of federal subsidy dollars went to companies associated with McCaskill`s husband.  Akin released a television ad claiming McCaskill was getting rich off tax payers.

McCakill`s campaign calls the ad a false attack and a distraction from Akin's positions.  The campaign says the money by law went to improve housing for the poor and could never be used to make anyone rich.  

In another development, Akin challenged McCaskill`s husband to release his tax returns. The McCakill campaign said her husband is not the one running for the U.S. Senate and pointed out that Akin has not released his.

Lindenwood University's Joe Cernik says negative ads can sometimes keep voters from going to the polls.

"A lot of negative ads tend to depress voter turnout rate rather than necessarily shift people," said Cernik.

The most recent poll in Missouri gave McCaskill a 6% lead.

Election 2012: Missouri Senate

"She seems to have the edge," says Cernik. "She's certainly not taking anything for granted because she knows it`s possible there could be a sudden infusion of money and a constant splurge of ads."

During another political demonstration, a number of former TWA flight attendants marched outside Senator McCaskill`s University City office on Wednesday.  The Senator helped broker a deal that allowed many laid-off workers to be recalled by American Airlines.  

The demonstrators are upset because they lost seniority.  Senator McCaskill`s office offered a statement from a former TWA flight attendant who said the Senator was the reason so many workers were re-hired.

EDA- You Paid For It: Collinsville Theater Project
COLLINSVILLE, IL. (KTVI) – On this You Paid For it Investigation a costly twist to a theater renovation project by the Collinsville Area Recreation District.

The City of Collinsville wants the District to repay the money it loaned CARD to fix up the old Miners Theater in Collinsville.  CARD spent some $1.5 Million dollars on the renovation project that's a long way from complete. it was going to cost another $6 Million Dollars to finish it, money CARD didn't have. So the Recreation District pulled the plug on the project.

Part of the money spent on the renovation was $235,000 in TIF money from the City Of Collinsville and the city wants CARD to repay at least $100,000 of it.

CARD says it's all taxpayers’ money and repaying the city would take money away from recreation programs for taxpayers and it's trying to get the city to back down from its money demands.

We caught up with the head of the Recreation District to explain why repaying the city's money would be a bad deal for taxpayers.