Speed Limit Change For Forest Park Parkway Start Tuesday

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ST. LOUIS, MO.  (KPLR) –Some St. Louis drivers are skeptical that a 30 mile per hour speed limit will work on a very busy stretch of Forest Park Parkway.

The city is lowering the speed limit from 35mph to 30mph along the Parkway from Grand to Kingshighway.

'I think it`s a good idea for people to be able to safe,' said one driver.

Others have their doubts.

'People do 45 or 50 every day all day long,' said one Parkway driver.

Concerns were raised about the speed limit by the alderman representing residents.  The city studied the matter and decided a lower speed limit would be safer.

One big factor is that there are a number of sidewalks and a growing number of pedestrians.

We talked with a number of residents who feel the real problem is the design of Forest Park Parkway.

'When a guy is sitting behind power and he sees a wide open space, there`s going to be the temptation to go,' said one resident.

'I think if they went down to 2 lanes and added in a bike lane or something like that it would be more effective,' said one pedestrian.

The city plans on making the switchover to 30 miles per hour on Tuesday, October 9th.