Massive Rhino Balloon Stolen In St. Peters

ST. PETERS, MO (KPLR)-- Massive rhinoceros balloon used as an advertisement along a highway is stolen from a St. Peters business.

The 25 foot long and 12 feet tall rhinoceros shaped balloon vanished Friday night.

Actually, Michael’s Flooring Outlets General Manager Brian Amon said it was stolen.

“I went driving down the highway to go home and noticed that it was gone I thought maybe the power had tripped and it had deflated so I circled back around and it was not there,” said Brian Amon.

Police are investigating the theft, which could cost the business $3,500.

“That’s a pretty penny. It`s pretty crappy when you go out a steal something that net value,” said Justin Peceroni in St. Peters.

Rico was on display for just a day and a half before being stolen.

Now even the owners have laughed about this, but we are talking about a crime. If you have any information call St. Peters police at 636-278-2222.

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