River City Casino Expanding

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Thursday, just south of St. Louis, Missouri, the owners of River City Casino announced big plans for its fall expansion.

This casino was built in 2010.  Already, owners were talking about adding thousands of square feet to the facility.

By December 2012, owners expect to have a brand-new covered garage.  It would hold 1,600 more cars, giving customers a break from walking in the freezing rain and snow.

In October 2012, work would start on an event space that can hold 1,400 party or concertgoers as well as a 200-room hotel.

But, vice president Neil Walkoff said he also wanted to see more out-of-town business, “This broadens our net,” Walkoff said.  “In regards to being able to host customers longer through our hotel, and also by having banquets or events here, we’ll be able to really entice people to want to come that are further away.”

Walkoff believed existing customers deserved this upgrade, and the region deserved the new business.  At least 100 new permanent employees could be hired once the work is completed.  Before that, 350 tradesmen and women could get work.

This all came with a big price tag:  $82 million.  But, Walkoff said it was all money from parent company Pinnacle Entertainment.  None of it came from taxpayers.

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