School Getting Fit For The First Lady

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Principal Tanya Patton is trying to shape young minds and muscles.

'So, I got a lead by example and our teachers do it too.  They have on your tennis shoes and they're out there running and working with the kids as well so we're all doing it,' says Principal Tanya Patton.

Tuesday there was jumping jacks and toes to be touched in an attempt to get noticed by a woman who lives at the White House.

Some made signs...

'Lets run and have fun and the other side says lets move,' says First Grader Jadyn Noll.

And all of them wrote letters...

'Dear Mrs. Obama,' reads Samantha Haar.  'How are you?  We are having a race called Eye of the Tiger.  Our school wants you to come.'

Principal Patton understands the impact of those first few years, which is why she wants the first lady to see Nelson elementary in action on May 5th for their race.

'Childhood obesity is a very serious issue we wanted to incorporate that with our 5 k run,' says Patton.

'So it helps to have a principal that leads by example,' says Patrick Clark walking along a bike path.  'It also helps to have a trail right outside your back door.  This is the Madison County Transit Trail which is where the 5 k fun run will start, just a few steps from the playground.'

Wednesday students from SIUE will help Nelson elementary make a video to send to the first lady.

And if, Mrs. Obama obliged the offer, who would win?

'Mrs. Obama or Mrs Patton?' asks Patrick Clark.
'Mrs. Obama,' says Bryan Jubelt.

'Um, I think it would be a tie actually,' says Jadyn Noll.

'Mrs  Obama or Matt Holiday?' asks Clark.
'Mrs. Obama,' says Jubelt.

'If she made the trip at all?' asks Clark?
'Yes,' says Patton.  'If she made the trip I'll let her win.  I won't tell her that but I'll let her win.'

'Mrs Obama or Mr. Obama?' asks Clark.
'I don`t know,' says Jubelt reluctantly.

Maybe it`s better not to weigh in on that outcome.

Patrick Clark, News 11.