What Matters Most – Are you a Pessimist or an Optimist?

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Life Coach Dieter Pauwels is here with what matters most. Are you a Pessimist or an Optimist?

Optimists seem to be able to spin a situation to always see a brighter side, a manageable crisis; they make it work to their advantage.

For pessimists everything is doomed. It's a problem now, there's nothing I can do. It will always be a problem and they think it's permanent.

Dieter, do you think "trust" is the biggest issue for pessimists, they don't trust anything will be better or worthwhile because it hasn't happened before. They keep getting "burned" so why even try to make it better? The lack of trust seems to penetrate their lives.

Trying to convince a convicted pessimist that the glass is half full can be exhausting but, optimistic people often try because they see the positives and want to share right?

  • Past experiences play a big part of how pessimists see the world always
  • Here are some ways to change your thinking:
  • Recognize there are choices
  • Set Goals within your control
  • Be a "giver" not a "trader"
  • Stay in the present

A pessimist thinks this is it, so why "try" to make it better, its permanent setting goals is a waste of time for a pessimists. It always turns out bad; an optimist looks forward to the next challenge, because they realize failures lead to success.

Pessimists don't "give" freely; they "expect" something in return. So they are more "traders", I'll do this so I can get that. Optimists are people who tend to give unconditionally, random acts of kindness with no expectations for anything in return, except maybe a good feeling.

Staying in the present and focusing on what matters most right now, optimists are very good at seeing the silver lining. Pessimists convince themselves they can't control anything so why even try pessimists they become victims, complainers, doomsayers, mean spirited and extremely negative. Pessimists can suck the energy out of the people around them and the focus is really more on their "issues" than on trying to focus on what they can change to make it better.